Zodiac: An Exploration, Gertraud Goodwin
$ 33.00

Ever since ancient times, people have had knowledge of the zodiac’s intimate involvement in the creation of physical life. People have always understood that the twelve realms of fixed-star constellations in the sky emanate specific forces that are brought to life in movements by the planets. These spiritual energies create and form all living beings on Earth, including, of course, human beings. This traditional awareness has been reenlivened and given new meaning today through Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy. He gave specific indications that involve twelve unique gestures and colors to depict the forces of the twelve zodiacal regions.

In this richly illustrated collation of original artistic research—featuring exciting new work on the zodiac through sculpture, graphics, and painting—these new insights are explored and illumined in twenty-seven essays and numerous full-color images. Led by editor Gertraud Goodwin, the contributing artists offer a rich tableau of authentic and individual approaches to understanding the zodiac, shedding light on the vast realm of creative forces around us while acknowledging their primary source.

“From the many relationships to other qualities, like the consonants, virtues, areas of the human body, colors, eurythmy gestures, elements (earth, water, air, fire), musical keys and many more, in which the zodiacal forces express themselves as if through different instruments, a harmony begins to emerge, which informs me of an ever-rounder picture of one particular force of the Zodiac” (Gertraud Goodwin).