Your Ten to Fourteen Year Old, by Louise Bates, Frances Ilg and Sidney Baker
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The years from Ten to Fourteen are undeniably trying and turbulent years for parents and children alike. Adolescents develop by leaps and bounds during this time, and often find themselves uncomfortable with who they are and what they're feeling. Parents, too, don't know what to expect from the adolescent child who is at one moment hostile and glum, at the next carefree and happy.Your Ten- to Fourteen- Year- Old was written by renowned child-care experts Louise Bates Ames, Frances Ilg, and Sidney Baker to help prepare parents for the incredible changes their children will be going through.

* Boy-girl relationships and sexual curiosity* Clubs, hobbies, activities, sports* Trouble at school* Family life and relationships with siblings* Physical development * Summer jobs and independence* Money matters* Personal hygiene* Moodiness, loneliness* Smoking, drinking, drug use