You Deserve to Sing, by Eva Cranstoun
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In this book, practical advice and basic instruction for singing are enriched by thoughts and questions from esoteric, therapeutic and pedagogical angles. A fresh perspective on W. Werbeck-Swaerdstroem's "School of Uncovering the Voice" is the impulse providing the background for this book. Singing is portrayed as an approachable, empowering tool for the modern development of consciousness. About the author: Eva Cranstoun (born in Vienna, Austria in 1971) has been singing and practicing live music and performing arts her whole life. Her angelic voice and effective teaching style have moved hundreds to tears and have inspired a great number of students and course participants to continue their studies with her. The psychological and spiritual aspects of the human voice, as well as its impact on our general well being have been a constant topic of study throughout her adult life. She is certified as instructor and therapist of the School of Uncovering the Voice (European holistic approach to vocal development) and holds a diploma in Waldorf Education. As vocal performer, experienced Waldorf educator and therapist, Eva has acquired a wide perspective and deep soul-understanding of the human voice. She is married and lives in Fair Oaks, California with her husband William and three children.