What is Anthroposophy?, by Otto Frankl-Lundborg
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A good place to start on a big subject.This compact essay on Anthroposophy cannot be considered as an exhaustive 'explanation' of it, but rather a concentrated overall view of its basic tenets. . . . Considering that the original German edition has gone into several printings since its first publication, one may expect that this English edition will also answer the need of many readers. It may serve as a guide and incentive for the earnest pursuit of Spiritual Science. ?Joseph WetzlContents: What is Anthroposophy? Anthroposophy as a Way of Knowledge (The Method); The Being of Man; The Great Riddles of Existence; Christ and Humanity-The Problem of Evil; Rudolf Steiner and His Social WorkOtto Frankl-Lundborg, earned a doctorate in jurisprudence in Vienna in 1920 and then at the age of 25 met Rudolf Steiner. He held various positions with the Weleda company and served on committees of the Anthroposophical Society. His literary career included publishing books of verse, stories, essays and over 1300 book reviews.