Twelve Ways of Seeing the World, Mario Betti
$ 28.00
In Twelve Ways of Seeing the World, Mario Betti strives to make sense of the world through various lenses framed as twelve archetypes; Phenomonalism, Sensualism, Materialism, Mathematism, Rationalism, Idealism, Psychism, Pneumatism, Monadism, Dynamism, Realism, and Humanus. He draws on the research of Rudolf Steiner and his twelvefold typology of human and cosmic thought to explore and validate each worldview from its own unique perspective. In this way he intends to transform dogmatism and enable deeper and more meaningful dialogues.

The book includes a study guide, “World View by World View,” comprising templates for lesson structures and questions for discussion gathered by the author and Kathelijne Drenth of the Cloverleaf Foundation in The Netherlands.