Towards Social Renewal, by Rudolf Steiner
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Although this book was first published in 1919, it remains highly relevant to social problems encountered today. Uniquely, Steiner's social thinking is not based on intellectual theory, but on a profound per-ception of the archetypal spiritual nature of social life. As he suggests in this classic work, society has three distinct realms-the economic, the political (individual human rights), and the cultural (spiritual). While social life as a whole is a unity, the autonomy of these three sectors should be respected if our increasing social problems are to be resolved.Steiner relates the ideals of 'liberty, equality and fraternity' to mod-ern society. Economics calls for fraternity, political rights require equality, while cul-ture should be characterized by liberty. The slogans of the French Revolution, he sug-gests, can only become truly manifest if our social thinking is transformed to correspond to the spiritual reality.