Time-Journeys, by Sergei O. Prokoffief
$ 25.00

In this concise study Sergei Prokofieff addresses the nature of spiritual scientific research as well as a number of central Christological themes:The significance of our individual relationship to the Christ; Taking personal responsibility for our misdeeds while Christ takes upon himself the 'Sin of the World. (John 1:29); The spiritual-scientific approach compared to religion and faith; The modern path of initiation outlined by Rudolf Steiner and the corresponding direction of development into higher stages of consciousness, progressively freed from physical sensory impressions; The moral-spiritual 'Sun. nature of the Christ being; The Moon sphere and the obstacles it presents to achieving clarity in spiritual perceptions; The nature of matter and substance in relation to the Grail chalice; The role of Christ in the 'Raising of Lazarus. and the question of the magical contravention of natural laws; The nature of the Resurrected Phantom of Christ and the paths Rudolf Steiner described toward achieving an individual relation to it.

A superficial assessment of this work by Sergei Prokofieff would believe it to be directed at individual personalities. A deeper consideration, however, reveals the value of this book as a guide to measuring one's own spiritual perceptions against the rigorous criteria laid out by Rudolf Steiner and for maintaining the discernment needed to recognize the non-validity of the numerous spurious spiritual claims surrounding us today.