The Waldorf Teacher's Survival Guide, by Eugene Schwartz
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To buck up the flagging teacher and give an 'insider's view' to parents.Over the course of the school year 1989-90, I had the opportunity to visit over thirty Waldorf schools in North America and Hawaii. In the course of those visits I had hundreds of conversations with Waldorf teachers active in every grade, ranging from untrained beginners to seasoned veterans. This book is something of a distillation of those visits and conversations. . . . As a way of conveying the immediacy of these words, I have couched them in a series of 'conversations' between my own mentor, the experienced Waldorf teacher Nelly Ann Damen, and Ken Rosen, a teacher 'taking his class through' for the first time.

-- Eugene Schwartz

Eugene Schwartz has had over thirty years of teaching experience with children and adults and has served as a consultant to over a hundred Waldorf schools.