The Very Old Donkey, Michael Hedley Burton, Illustrated by David Newbatt
$ 9.95
There is a very old donkey who is too old to pull his master's cart. With his best friend Robbie, he goes on a search to find new work.

The Very Old Donkey is for children aged four to eight, who will delight in both the simplicity and originality of the story itself, and in the colorful illustrations by David Newbatt. It originates from story telling performances given to children in kindergartens and schools in Scandinavia and Germany, who knew very little English, or even no English at all. The recognizable animals with the sounds they make, and the element of repetition, makes this story particularly suitable for being acted out in early stages of learning English. 

Robbie and the very old donkey meet five different animals, each of which does work that Very Old Donkeys are not particularly suited to perform. Will Robbie find work which the Very Old Donkey can do? We leave you in suspense!

(Ages 4 – 8 years)

Printed on 50% recycled material using vegetable-based inks.