The Soul Calendar and the Lemniscate, by Barbara Betteridge
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Insights from a lifetime meditant.Some years ago, a story found its way to my mailbox in a clipping from The London Observer telling of a Sufi mystic who had long carried the question, 'What is the mystical path of the Christian?' It finally dawned on him that it is a meditative path through the seasons of the year, marked by the Christian festivals. ?Barbara Betteridge, from 'The Living Year'Contents: 'To Wonder at Beauty,' 'The Living Year: The Story of the Soul Calendar,' 'The Lemniscate in Your Life,' 'Thoughts on Translation: True poetry and the Soul Calendar,' The Soul Calendar VersesBarbara Betteridge was born in Santa Barbara, California in 1913, the year after The Calendar of the Soul was first published. She joined the Anthroposophical Society when she was twenty-one, and dedicated the rest of her life to Anthroposophy: serving as secretary to the Los Angeles branch of the Anthroposophical Society for many years; translating Rudolf Steiner's lectures and verse; and through free-lance writing, especially on the Soul Calendar and the Gemut.