The Periodic Table Of Spiritual Elements by Barry John Johnson
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The Periodic Table of Spiritual Elements is a healing and transformational tool. It contains fifty-two separate elements in a Tree of Life motif. When applied and practiced in daily life, the intention is that Elements will contribute to spiritual growth and perhaps some kind of awakening. There is no one right way to use the Table. Each of us have our own path. By using the Table we can possibly discover the elements that we need to further explore and work on. The Table is intended to pique interest in the elements outlined. It is intended for people to see it and ask themselves: What is this all about? Why are these elements included? What the heck is that one? Why does something I value seem to be excluded? How do these all fit together? It is designed to elicit spiritual inquiry, self-examination of one’s spiritual belief system so that interested persons may make greater effort and exploration to define their own. The Spiritual Elements are intended to be explored with a general assumption that we are all inherently Divine within and that there is no single recipe which might allow its revelation and all the benefits that flow from that. We have to find our unique alchemy for transformation. We have to do our spiritual work. The Periodic Table of Spiritual Elements is a one-of-a-kind roadmap and reference tool designed to support that work. Each Element is discussed in a chapter along with its Alchemy with other Elements, Practices that support it and Mantras which help bring it forth.