The Nine Lives of Pinrut the Turnip Boy, by Reg Down
$ 14.95
One summer’s evening a turnip up and left. He’d had enough of being just another turnip in just another row of turnips in just another field of turnips. He pulled himself from the ground, turned upside down, and took off on his leafy stalks. He ambled along the row and out of the field. “Hey, you can’t do that!” cried the other turnips. “Watch me,” said the turnip. And watch him we will, through all nine lives: in America, Canada, China, New Zealand, New Guinea, Mars and Wobbles. Naturally he has a few adventures on the way, but his skills and savvy, indeed, his sheer existence, also come to the attention of the devilish boss of a nefarious GMO seed corporation called Nonsanto! Finally the vegetables and fruit from Willy Waldorf's Biodynamic Farm defeat the residents of Nonsanto’s Friendly Frankenstein's Field in a great and magnificent battle between the organics and the GMO's.