The New Treasure Seekers, by Edith Nesbit
$ 13.95


As if the remarkable collections of children's adventures The Story of the Treasure Seekers and The Wouldbegoods weren't enough!E. Nesbit's third book of this series finishes the delightful trilogy by this famous fantasy author.Who needs fantasy, though, when you have these wonderful tales of the Bastable children, narrated by Oswald Bastable in his best superior third person fashion.

Here again is Oswald's troublesome little brother H.O., and Dicky and Dora and Alice and Noël, to say nothing of the Bastable uncles, father and mother.The Bastable children seek treasure in unusual places to help their family's strained finances in such charming tales as "Archibald the Unpleasant," "The Golden Gondola," and "The Flying Lodger."Come, then, enter this fascinating world of Edwardian England by the immortal author of Five Children and It.

"Oswald is a delightful narrator and the stories he tells are among Nesbit's best." -- Gore Vidal