The Little Series - Seeking the Spirit (Volume 5)
$ 12.00

Whitsun Inspiration for Individuals and Communities From the work of Rudolf Steiner and others, a collection of verses, poems, and prose excerpts that address the question, “How do we give a dwelling to the spirit?” The English title of this volume is meant to make it clear that the contents are for anyone who is striving to bring the spirit into modern life. The Whitsun event (when, ten days after Christ's ascension, the apostles received the spiritual power to bring his healing forces into the world) is far less well known than the events celebrated at Christmas or Easter, yet it points the way toward our future. Von Kügelgen calls it "the festival of the community that forms around a spiritual entity," and in that sense it is deeply relevant to all Waldorf schools and other institutions that work out of anthroposophy.

This volume--one of the longest in The Little Series--contains many treasures for individual or group study throughout the year and throughout a lifetime.