The Knottles
$ 11.95

This story is about afamily thatbuilds a new home at the edge of a pine forest.On the first night thechildren go to sleep in their new bedroomand the full moon shines on the beautiful new pinewood floors, walls, and ceiling, and they have the most surprising dream...out of a large pinewood knot climb seven little Knottles, who are the guardians of the pine trees. The Knottles sing and dance with the children...Remember the pine trees, how they grow, In the summer, in the snow, Remember the pine trees, root in stone, Twig and limb, seed and cone, And a golden heart in every tree, Giving people wood for free.When the children wake up in the morning, they are inspired to plant pine tree seedlings with their parents, and they promise to take good care of all their trees for evermore.Nancy Mellon a former Waldorf teacher,has guided storytelling and writing groups for many years.Nancy has given storytelling and art therapeutic courses at many locations in the US and UK. Her books include Storytelling and The Art of Imagination.