The Gate Swings In, by Nora Burglon
$ 13.95

The Gate Swings In: AStory of Swedenis a great companion to her book, Sticks Across the Chimney: A Story of Denmark. Nora Burglon has a wonderful way of interweaving Swedish history and the hardships of living in a rugged land with the mystery and intrigue experienced by a young orphan girl. Burglon once again demonstrates her creative ability to bring a wonderful set of values and inner spirit to her characters. Minda and her intelligent, crafty goat try to earn enough money for her winter schooling. As Minda tries to earn money, she has frequent talks with a wise Tomte (elf) and encounters a huldran (forest creature). She has the fortitude to go forward in the midst of all kinds of struggles and hardships. It's also a book about friendship and the love of land and animals.