The Epistles of St. Paul and Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom, by Friedrich Hiebel
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Insights into Pauline thought and the emergence of conscience. Friedrich Hiebel here adds the Grail motif to consideration of the John Gospel as it sheds light on the Pauline striving for knowledge.Topics addressed: Pauline Christianity and the Emergence of Conscience; The Event of Damascus; The First and the Last Adam; Divine Sonship as the Birth of the New Man; The Old and the New Covenant; The Way to Freedom; Love in the Act of Free Knowledge; The Second Coming of Christ; The Theory of Knowledge on a Pauline Basis, and the Further Development of Conscience; The Lance of Longinus: The Grail Motif in St. John's GospelFriedrich Hiebel, when he was 18 years old, met Rudolf Steiner for the first time. He earned a doctorate in German Literature, History and Comparative Linguistics. He taught at Waldorf schools in Europe and the United States and at several US universities. Dr. Hiebel is the author of many books and essays, including The Gospel of Hellas and Time of Decision with Rudolf Steiner.