The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman, by David Black
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"It took me a long time to see what relevance such a seemingly abstract and religious concept could have to the manifest realities of electronic technology. The key point in seeing the relevance is to recognize that the division we make between religion and science is a false one, and that the subject matter of both religion and science suffer because, for example, we do not know how to be rational and observant about perfectly objective phenomena which we categorize as religious. As soon as we actively investigate such a subject as the relation between a spiritual being and electronic technology, or even just attempt to penetrate to the core of the technology while leaving none of the facts out of account, it is possible to learn how to be scientific and objective about a wider range of phenomena than is generally thought open to such investigation. This research leads to such results as are described in the later sections of this book, in which I will attempt to make clear the exact nature of the relation between the computer and the being of Ahriman"

 -- from the Introduction

Topics discussed: Methodology; Defense of the Methodology; Material and Spiritual Logic;Premises of the History/DemonstrationHistory of the Incarnation in its Macrocosmic Aspect;From the Beginning of Time to the End