The Christopherus Waldorf Curriculum for Homeschoolers, by Donna Simmons
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The Christopherus Waldorf Curriculum Overview for Homeschoolers is for those who wish to adapt the Waldorf School curriculum and/or indications arising out of anthroposophy to their own unique homeschooling situation. It is for those familiar with Waldorf education as well as those who are completely new. The book's focus is on First through Eighth Grade.The Overview is just that - an overview of Waldorf education, written by a homeschooler for homeschoolers. This is neither a package curriculum nor an in-depth examination of the whys and wherefores of Waldorf education. Rather, it is an introduction, an overview, of the complexities of Waldorf pedagogy, presented with an abundance of ideas and suggestions so that parents can use what they need from the rich tradition of Waldorf education.

This is a practical book and parents will find help on questions ranging from how to make a schedule to working with multi-age children and from parental self-education to designing a language arts program.Suggestions as to how one might use non-Waldorf resources but stay true to one's educational ideals will also be a feature throughout the book. Hundreds of books and other resources, both Waldorf and non-Waldorf, are reviewed. Homeschoolers will find lists of great read-alouds, books for Main Lesson preparation, suggested source material for students and books explaining different aspects of Waldorf pedagogy.And, to help support one's parenting and homeschooling choices, there will be a discussion on "the Waldorf-inspired home".

Chapter titles:

  1. Waldorf Education and Homeschooling
  2. A Visit to a Waldorf School
  3. The Waldorf Home
  4. Homeschooling with Waldorf
  5. Grade by Grade
  6. Topic by Topic - language arts; handwork, crafts and gardening; foreign language; math; music; history (including fairy tales, legends and myths); art - drawing, painting and modeling; geography; form drawing; science; movement, games and sports
  7. Home is not School
  8. Nuts and Bolts
  9. Questions & Answers
  10. A Peek at the Future: High School