The Child from Birth to Three in Waldorf Education and Child Care, by Rainer Patzlaff, Claudia McKeen, Ina von Mackensen, Claudia Grah-Wittich
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This bookcovers a topic that is vital to the health of our children in this time, that of Waldorf childcare for the very young. It covers it beautifully and thoroughly, with dozens of wonderful color photos from actual Waldorf nurseries. If you have a young child or want to work with young children, this book is essential, happy, joyous reading.Contents: * Introduction by Susan Howard * Educational Foundations and Objectives o Focusing on the individuality o Development through metamorphosis o Salutogenesis and Waldorf education o The special nature of learning in early childhood * Supporting Development in Early Childhood o Conception, pregnancy and birth o The first year: achieving uprightness and learning to walk o The second year: learning to speak o The third year: I-awareness and thinking awaken o The child's invisible helpers * Early Childhood Education and Care o Establishing the relationship . the foundation of early childhood care o Free movement and independent play o The environment o Rhythm and rituals * Conditions for Infant and Toddler Child Care o The impulse behind Waldorf early childhood education o Standards of care for children under the age of three o Basic and advanced training o Rooms, furnishings and equipment o Legal and financial aspects o Quality assurance and collegial work o Working with the parents o Waorking with physicians, therapists and early childhood development specialists o Working with kindergarten and school o Social integration o Starting a birth-to-three program within an existing institution * Appendix: Quality criteria for day care centers with children under the age of three * English-language Resource List * Bibliography from the German Edition * About the authors