The Case for Home Schooling by Anna Dusseau
$ 28.00

“Many children’s lives are so busy with school journeys, subject changes, after-school clubs, and homework that they have little time to think or to take ownership of the life they are leading. They spend an awful lot of time being ‘processed’ by well-intentioned adults.... I will happily home educate my children all the way through their education, if that is what they want to do. They always have free choice, and we take their thoughts and feelings into account with every decision regarding their future.” —Anna Dusseau

A must-read for homeschooling parents and families considering teaching their children at home, even after schools reopen. In this timely and acclaimed guide, teacher turned home-educator Anna Dusseau explores the benefits of home education, the ways children come to understand the world and how homeschooling can cultivate true creative learning for life. Her gritty, wisdom-filled approach shows how homeschooling can work brilliantly for families in post-lockdown times.

Alongside practical tips for getting started and answers to key questions, you will find a wealth of tried and tested activities. Here are carefully picked home learning resources and up-to-date legal advice. The informative, honest accounts of homeschooling show different approaches so as to help choices.