The Brain is Boundary  By Alexander Dreier
$ 15.00

This unique volume explores the experience of the “boundaries” in consciousness that permeate our lives—for instance, between sleeping and waking, language and reality, life and death, lover and beloved, observer and observed. We often take such boundaries for granted. But there is one boundary that most of us are spared: the boundary between reality and delusion, sanity and madness. This little book touches upon all of these thresholds in a singular way.

The author, a poet, comedian, and student of consciousness, finds himself gradually slipping from observing and noting such boundaries to crossing over from one world to another: from the world of ordinary, if enhanced, intuitive or poetic reality and perception to that of Lewy body dementia. The Brain Is a Boundary records his journey.

These fifty-two poems—along with an introduction by Arthur Zajonc, former President of the Mind-Life Institute, an afterword by Bradley Boeve, a renowned specialist in neurology, and an essay by the author recounting his Lewy body experiences in prose—constitute a remarkable and unique testimony that gives voice to an aspect of human experience that is all too often mute and ignored.