Staying Connected, by Rudolf Steiner
$ 19.95
Rudolf Steiner Introduction by Christopher Bamford   
288 pp.   

This important volume will help those who want to deepen their relationships to the living, to those who have died, or to the spiritual world itself. 


  • Introduction by Christopher Bamford
  • Part 1: “Entry”
  • Overcoming the Abyss
  • The Life of the Dead
  • Recovering the Connection
  • The Presence of the Dead
  • The Blessings of the Dead
  • Works of Art, Acts of Grace
  • Part 2: “Practice”
  • How the Dead Influence the Living
  • The Dead Are Always with Us
  • Uniting with the Universal Spirit
  • The Feeling of Community and the Experience of Gratitude
  • Trust in Life and the Rejuvenation of the Soul
  • The Language of the Heart
  • Momento Mori
  • Part 3: “Experience”
  • First Experience with the Dead
  • An Example of Working with the Dead
  • Advice on Meditation
  • The Importance of Self-Knowledge in the Life after Death
  • Meditations
  • Coda: The Dead Speak