Songs for Young Children
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These songs are in the 'Mood of the Fifth', meaning that the music takes its center tone at A- the sun tone andthe tune sounds as if it is never ending.While advising Waldorf teachers, Rudolf Steiner instructed that music in this mood is most appropriate for children under the age of 7.Contents:The Day: * Morning *Grace and Blessings * EveningThe Year: * Michaelmas & Fall * Halloween & Martinmas * Advent, Christmas & Winter * Spring, Easter & SummerBirthdays Nature and Animal Songs People at Work Fairy Tales Dancing Songs and Music MiscellanyJohn Miles has been involved with Waldorf teacher training since 1974 in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. He has taken more than three classes through as a Waldorf class teacher, and is a well-known lecturer, evaluator and mentor in Waldorf schools.