Singing and the Etheric Tone, by Hilda Deighton, Gina Palermo, Dina Soresi Winter
$ 15.95

Singing and the Etheric Tone introduces a practical, joyful approach to singing that draws its strength and inspiration from Gracia Ricardo's work with Rudolf Steiner. Chapter 1 deals with the tone, the onset of the tone, the humming approach, and the relations between vowels, consonants, words, and phrases. Chapter 2 goes into the voice, how to build a voice and extend its range. Chapter 3 develops the idea of blending the vocal registers, the placement of the voice, embellishments, resonance, and diction. Finally, the book moves on to some professional tips on choosing a program, stage fright, mood, presence, etc. This is an invaluable book for any singer, professional or not, who wants to improve singing abilities based on working with the whole body-the spirit, the soul, and the physical organism.