Sing Me the Creation Creative Writing Sourcebook, Paul Matthews
$ 35.00

“The most unusual guidebook for creative writing in the world...this book has wings.” —Robert Sardello, PhD (from his foreword)

This second edition of Sing Me the Creation has been thoroughly updated throughout, with a new first chapter and a useful index for reference.

Sing Me the Creation is an inspirational workbook of creative writing exercises for poets and teachers, as well as for those who want to develop their life of imagination. Paul Mathews gives us permission to indulge our fantasy and, once that life begins to flow, provides the tools we need to craft it into poetry and song.

Also included are numerous exercises for improving writing skills and for self-study. These practical exercises are ideally suited for group work with adults, and teachers will find them to be popular with their students.

C O N T E N T S:

Foreword by Robert Sardello
Before We Begin

1. Minding the Hearth
2. Stating
3. Questioning
4. Holding the Centre
5. Exclaiming
6. Commanding
7. Mending the Circle