Sensible Physics Teaching, by Michael D'Aleo and Stephen Edelglass
$ 16.75

This book guides middle school teachers through a sense-based science pedagogy with a carefully developed sequence of experiments, described in detail and easy to follow. The emphasis is on the students' experience: by observing this intriguing sequence of phenomena and deriving scientific concepts from them, students build an authentic relationship to -- and interest in-- the world.


  • Introduction to Sense Based Science
  • Sixth Grade Physics
  • Sound-- Acoustics
  • Visual Experience-- Optics
  • Warmth and Cold
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Seventh Grade Physics
  • Warmth and Cold
  • Visual Experience-- Optics
  • Electrical Phenomena
  • Mechanics
  • Eighth Grade Physics
  • Warmth-- Thermal Physics
  • Visual Phenomena-- Refraction
  • Hydraulics and Aero-Mechanics
  • Electromagnetism
  • Apparatus and Supplies List and Sources