Seek The Light Rises In The West by Mieke Mosmuller
$ 29.95
Fear, doubt, insecurity, illness, loneliness, death . . . these difficult feelings arise in every human life, are impossible to escape. There seems to be no worldview, science, or social life that is able to give real comfort or relief from these human emotions.

For Westerners, thinking is a central problem, and as a result of scientific development there is a continuously growing body of factual knowledge, while science leaves faith behind, as well as certainty in knowing. If we look for consolation when confronted by doubt and loneliness, do we have to abandon the realm of thinking and turn to other areas of our soul life and become more in touch with our feelings? Or is it possible in our time of rational thinking that thinking is exactly the key to faith based on certainty in knowing?

In this book, we are summoned to experience this largely Western problem of thinking and to move from this gained experience toward insight into a path that leads away from the darkness of an exclusively rational intellect.

There—where twilight falls—we find the light that illumines doubt and loneliness, as well as illness and death. Certainty of knowing is not a modern phenomenon, and we could say that this book revives an outdated idealism, but such a claim cannot be made unless we overlook the fact that this work takes a decisive step, enabling old questions to arise in a new light. This is the step of self-experience in thinking, through which self-knowledge becomes possible, adopting a scientific character on the one hand, and on the other a pathway to modern mysticism.
Thus sounds the ancient call to self-aware human beings in the twenty-first century.

Seek the Light that Rises in the West was first published in Dutch and German in 1994.