Schooling of Consciousness, by Georg Kuhlewind
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Understanding thinking and meditation.Themes addressed in this collection include: Concentration and Contemplation; The Solar Nature of Thinking; Mediation; The Reversal of the Will and the Encounter with the Logos-force; From Concentration to Meditation; Prayer and Meditation; The Training of Perception; Perceiving as Therapy; Pure Perceiving; Reading in the Book of Nature; The Experience of Concepts in Their Application to Nature and Man-made Objects; Instructing the Senses; Perception of Spatial and Temporal Forms

Georg Kuhlewind (1924-2006) was a Hungarian philosopher, writer, lecturer and meditation teacher. He lectured in many countries on meditation, psychology, epistemology, child development, anthroposophy, and esoteric Christianity. Most of his many books are available only in German.