Reflections on the Mystery of Love, by Rene Querido
$ 19.95

Love: everybody's most important subject!


  • Interviews with Rene Querido
  • Love among the Greeks
  • Dante: From Earthly to Eternal Love
  • Shakespeare and the Alchemy of Love
  • Goethe: The Search for the Eternal Feminine
  • Novalis: Finding the Beloved beyond Death
  • Vladimir Soloviev in Search of the Holy Sophia
  • A Contemporary View
  • Karmic Relationships between Men and Women
  • The Sevenfold Ladder of Love and the Double
  • Rudolf Steiner's View of Love
  • The Lord of Love in the Gospels
  • Some Thoughts on Sacred and Profane Love

Rene Querido (1926-2004) was multi-national. He taught, lectured, and wrote on Waldorf education and various anthroposophical themes in French, German, Dutch, and English. Active in Waldorf education throughout his adult life, he founded and advised Waldorf schools in several countries and served as director of Rudolf Steiner College in California for fourteen years. Mr. Querido lectured worldwide on topics related to Rudolf Steiner's work.