Quintenlieder, by Julius Knierim
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This book on the mood of the fifth is intended for adults who have become aware of the damage done to children by a sometimes overwhelmingly technological, dehumanized environment, and who are searching for ways to heal this damage. The novel approach outlined in this book is based on subtle observations not only of children's singing, but even more of their movements. What healthy children reveal of hidden 'music' through their movements can, together with what they sing, lead the adult who has remained inwardly flexible and 'mobile' to an understanding of how the young child experiences music. This understanding can serve to pave the way through the different experiences of singing and listening to music, and can lead all the way from the 'calling third' (Little children's first musical interval tends to be a minor third.) to contemporary music.Julius Knierim was director of the Freie Musik Schule near Stuttgart, Germany.