Poems and Speech Exercises for Grades I and II
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"An indispensable collection of poems and speech exercises for any first or second grade teacher. Speech is an integral part of the Waldorf student's main lesson. The forces that are carried with the speech re-echo again and again in the soul of the child and are carried with him or her into sleep, where they are an integral part of the upbuilding of the physical body and the soul. What is chosen determines the future development of the child, and puts a tremendous responsibility on the teacher, who must not become weighed down by this responsibility, but take up the task with courage and enthusiasm."

- John Miles, from the Introduction

Includes guidance on how to introducea poem to a class.


  • Speech ExercisesTongue Twisters
  • Poems:
  • Morning
  • Evening
  • The Seasons: Michaelmas, Fall, Halloween and Martinmas, Advent and Winter Solstice, Spring, Summer
  • Animals and Plants
  • Fable Poems
  • Elementals
  • People
  • Number poems
  • Miscellany
  • Prayers
  • Story Poems
  • Finger Exercises Riddles