Physical and Spiritual Experience of Color by Lois Schroff
$ 21.95

Lois Schroff's Physical and Soul Experiences of Color: It's Therapeutic and Artistic Aspects contains her further investigation into the mysterious realm of color. It follows her earlier books, Color: It's relationship to Soul and Spirit (2003), and Experiencing Color between Darkness and Light (1985). Since 1977, she has been teaching the veil painting method learned from Liane Collot d'Herbois in Holland that is based on the color theories of Rudolf Steiner and J.W. von Goethe. She has also produced a DVD that demonstrates this technique, Spirit in Watercolor (1992).

The present book traces the author's path of inquiry and discovery in the realm of color, delving into the relationship of art, science, and religion. She explores theories of color and the interactions of light, darkness and color. These explorations lead to a deepening understanding of the activity n the human soul and how color can be used therapeutically. Schroff speaks to every human being and also adds some guiding thoughts for artists. The book includes five of her watercolor paintings, numerous illustrations, and five appendices covering: Goethe's prism exercises, the evolution of color perception, green and magenta as spirit and soul, visible elements and invisible ethers, color intervals and tips for artists. An extensive bibliography encourages further research.