Perspective Drawing, by Hermann von Baravalle
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Perspective Drawing involves both the application of geometric laws and artistic skill. It has immediately practical value for almost everyone who wishes to make a correct drawing of a house, of the interior of a room or of specific details of a staircase, for instance. Perspective constructions open up a distinct awareness and sense of observation. We all deal with perspective; every photograph is a perspective presentation.


  • Perspective Divisions and Perspective Series (The Perspective Middle; Perspective Division in 4 and 8 parts; Perspective Trisection; Perspective Extrapolation; Perspective Series of Horizontal Lines; Perspective Views with Two Vanishing Points; Inside Perspectives; Construction of Staircase)
  • Roof Construction in Perspective (Pointed Roofs; The Gable Roofs; The Mansard Roofs; The Combined Gables)
  • The Construction of Shadows
  • Perspective of Curves
  • Perspective Views from Nature

Hermann von Baravalle (1898-1973) taught mathematics and physics under Rudolf Steiner's guidance in the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Germany. He emigrated to the United States in 1937 where he traveled extensively, lecturing on many subjects and helping to found several Waldorf schools.