Our Twelve Senses, By Albert Soesman
$ 22.00

The senses nourish our experience and act as windows on the world. But overstimulation can undermine healthy sense experiences. The Twelve Senses presents a lively way of experiencing and understanding the human senses.Soesman explores not the usual five senses, but twelve senses. These are the senses of touch, life, self-movement, balance, smell, taste, vision, temperature, hearing, language, the conceptual, and the ego senses. The development, expression, and functioning of each sense is described. The senses are discussed in physical, soul, and spiritual/social groups, contrasted as polarities, distinguished as 'inner' or 'outer.' Soesman relates each sense to the signs of the zodiac.The author's imaginative approach to the senses makes this an accessible study guide for teachers, doctors, therapists, counsellors, psychologists, and scientists.