Our Relationship to Those Who Have Died, by Rev. Hermann Heisler
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Staying connected to loved ones who have died. When a human being approaches the last minute of his life, he can sometimes be seen to cast his eyes slowly and carefully around the sickroom and on those at the bedside, as if taking a final comprehensive look at this Earth and the people he has loved and lived with. It is seldom a painful look, nor is it indifferent or unloving. One can have the strong impression that a deep selfless interest occupies his farewell gaze. . . To learn to accompany other souls, even from a distance, as they set off for the new life, is to learn to 'walk with Christ.' For He is the Ruler of the destiny of Man. His control of the spiritual events of birth and death is due to his having shared in them, thus transforming them into gateways towards his own Being: death becomes the gateway to Life, and birth a gateway towards Resurrection. Hermann Heisler (1876-1962), a minister of the Evangelical Church in Austria, was one of the forty-five men and women whose interest in the work of Rudolf Steiner led, in 1922, to the founding, in Switzerland, of the Movement for Religious Renewal known as The Christian Community. The Movement spread through Europe to England and, in 1948, came to North America.