Observation, Thinking, the Senses, by Eileen Hutchins
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"Most of those who have to do with education today come rather sadly to the conclusion that children are becoming more and more limited in their powers of observation. Within a certain field they are keenly awake, but they are blind and deaf to much that used to delight most of us when we were young. One can be put to shame by a child of six or seven when there is a question of the make of cars or of airplanes, but the average child of today has no interest for trees, flowers or birds, and passes by many aspects of nature with unseeing eyes. . . . "

-- Eileen Hutchins

Topics of these articles: The Training of Observation; The Senses; Observation and Thinking; The Activity of Thinking; The Practical Value of Thinking

Eileen Hutchins is warmly remembered as a founding teacher of Elmfield (Rudolf Steiner) School near Stourbridge, England. She taught, wrote, and lectured extensively on various themes from English literature, especially Parzival.