Nutrition and Education, by Gerhard Schmidt
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Does a child's nutrition have an influence on his mental development?'This question is asked quite frequently today. In most instances the answer, coming as the real result of extensive study, is that 'nutrition and mental development most definitely do have a relationship with one another.' It so happens that the question is often asked only in regard to the child's brain development, yet research shows quite clearly that concrete links do exist between the two poles of spiritual/mental activity and the physical brain of the human being. For a really clear understanding of these connections, an approach is necessary that, on the one hand, is capable of developing a true picture of man, and, on the other, is able to see through to the interdependent operations of the human organization and its environment. The method that can allow us to forge ahead to such an understanding was established for our time as modern spiritual-scientific research (Anthroposophy) by Rudolf Steiner. . . .Gerhard Schmidt, MD, had a long career in the agricultural work at the international center for Anthroposophy in Switzerland. He studied, wrote, traveled and lectured extensively on the subject of nutrition.