New View Winter 2018-2019
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New View magazine was born in 1996 and today it offers a fresh look at the world and ourselves. Four times a year, New View brings together a unique collection of articles on many aspects of modern life. Published quarterly at Christmas, Easter, Midsummer and Michaelmas, bringing news and contemporary insights based on Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy. Regular items include: World events, Community, Health, Education, Self-development, Arts, Science, Environment, Biodynamic-Agriculture, Book and Film Reviews and much more….

In this issue: Winter 2018-2019

  • Sophia and the Arc of Hope
  • Through Mary to Christ Jesus
  • The Iona and Mull Summer School and the Inspiration of the Celtic Cross
  • The Iona Impulse: Rudolf Steiner and the Western Mysteries
  • The Souls Awaken: An appreciation of The Fourth Mystery Drama by Rudolf Steiner Performed by The Stroud Mystery Drama Group
  • A Letter to the Most Illustrious the Contessina Allagia degli Aldobrandeschi
  • Childcare Policy and the Economy
  • The Social Question
  • 5G: The Final Assault
  • Brexit as a Spiritual Question: Why the EU is the Wrong Direction for Europe and the Modern Age
  • Searching for Atlantis – Part III, Rudolf Steiner and Atlantis
  • The Destiny of the Soul Calendar