New View Magazine Autumn 2020
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This Michaelmas issue looks further into the effect of the Coronavirus ‘pandemic’

Table of Contents:

Covid-19 and ‘The Great Reset’ by Richard Ramsbotham 

Poem: Did you know by Diana Reynolds 

The Christ Impulse in the Age of the Consciousness Soul by Douglas Sloan 

Facing Evil, Standing Tall by Benjamin Cherry 

Masks – what they show and what they conceal by Peter Taylor 

Into the New Normal? – Part II by Terry Boardman 

A reader’s experience of lockdown by Anne Byrne 

Being pregnant in an age of compliance: Thoughts on healthcare, safety and freedom by Maria Lyons 

Are we squeezing the life out of death? by Wendy Teall 

The Well of Real Water by Matthew Barton 

Is the Mind a Spiritual Entertainment System? by Boyd Collins 

Roundabout Route to Rudolf Steiner House by Malcolm Gluck 

Interview: Administration and the Waldorf School: Questions of Managerialism and Collegiality by Jonathan Swann and Richard House 

A Michaelmas Article – Part Two

What on Earth are we to do about it? by Richard Ramsbotham