New Eyes for Plants, by Margaret Colquhoun
$ 30.00

If you're trying to understand how something came about or get closer to something in Nature, then you might start with the first impression of it...and then slowly, as you look at it, you come down through its life context...until you start to be aware of a life process within the physical.' -Dr. Margaret ColquhounThis book is about a different way of seeing and understanding nature. Detailed, scientific facts are closely interwoven with artistic observation. The authors pose and answer this question: 'How do we develop a way of perceiving and thinking that will do justice to life processes?'A wide variety of common plants are beautifully drawn at every stage of development, from bud and seed to flower and fruit.The inspiring illustrations are complemented by clear instructions that enable the reader to create finely observed and accurate drawings. This oversized book has numerous black and white illustrations.