Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings, by Marko Pogacnik
$ 19.95

Although a lot has been written in recent years about nature spirits, Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings by Slovenian author Marko Pogacnik is remarkable in that almost everything described in the book is based on his own practical experiences in communicating with these beings through meditation and tuning in to plants, trees, animals and the landscape. He describes in detail the various elemental beings and their roles in maintaining the web of life, and also gives insights into related topics, such as the flow of energies within the landscape and the long-suppressed Goddess culture. His evocative images of the nature spirits draw our attention to the lost harmony of the natural world which has been disrupted by the impact of human culture. It is a tragic situation but one which can be redeemed if we rediscover our long-lost sensitivity to these realms and, as the author demonstrates, learn to heal the disturbed elemental world.