Making Math Meaningful: Fun with Puzzles, Games & More! by Randy Evans, Mick Follari, and Jamie York
$ 14.95

A total of 111 puzzles. 25 NEW puzzles, especially in high school section.

Dozens of games, math magic tricks and classroom activities.Are you looking for a new math challenge for your students?

Do you need a resource of ideas that will give your students the opportunity to experience the thrill of mathematics?

And, what about providing a good puzzle or game that will give everyone the understanding of true problem solving?

Randy Evans, Mick Follari and Jamie York have combined their knowledge and skills to create a puzzle and game book that is a perfect reference for middle school and high school teachers.The book is divided by grade level, with an average of 20 puzzles per grade. It contains not only, puzzles and games, but also math magic tricks and classroom activities. It's an ideal solution for providing something different for tomorrow's math class!