Magnus Fin and the Selkie Secret, by Janis Mackay
$ 9.95

On his eleventh birthday, schoolchild Magnus Fin discovered that he is half selkie-part human, part seal. When a rusty metal chest is flung ashore in a storm, Magnus Fin decides to investigate. However, he injures his hand on the strange box, and his sealskin starts to show through, and rumors start to spread. Deep in the ocean, the great sea god Neptune has problems of his own. The treasures of wisdom have been stolen, and his memory and powers are fading fast. Could his missing treasure be inside the chest that has washed ashore? Magnus Fin is the only one who can find out and restore order under the sea...but can he complete his mission before the selkie secret is revealed and his selkie family is forced to leave the bay forever?(Ages 8-12)