Holy Nights Journal 2014-2015
$ 8.50

"Our theme for this year is: The Way to the Self. There are three levels wherein we find our Self - the Personal, the Transpersonal and the Universal. It is particularly during the Holy Nights that our Universal Self can be more accessible to us. So much depends on the inner work we've done throughout the year, in order to truly know out personal self and strive to align our activities with the Transpersonal Self. A deeper perspective on "The Way" will be brought forward - "The Way" was the term for the path of the followers of Christ prior to when the term Christianity began being used. People of "The Way" not only describes the earliest movement of Christianity, it also describes the journey and the destination of being at one with the Son of God.

In the Holy Nights we can give contemplation to The Way and at the same time learn to find The Way forward in our personal lives, in our aspirations for our transpersonal lives, and in the quest to find The Way to the Christ within us. A guide is given for consciously working through meditations, questions and journaling topics for each of the Holy Nights. There are correspondences given of the Holy Nights to signs of the zodiac, human virtues, and dedications to the Saints accompanying each journaling page. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the Holy Nights and can be an equally wonderful gift for those who wish to enter more deeply into the significance of this sacred time."

 -- Dr. William Bento