Healing Sounds, by Alfred Baur
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Speech is more than a means of communication. Each sound of the spoken language has a life of its own, with qualities and properties of remarkable potential.Through his years of research and treatment of commuication disorders in both children and adults, coupled with in-depth studies of philology and Anthroposophy, Dr. Alfred Baur has gained a deep understanding into the creative power of the spoken word in all its manifestations.

Healing Sounds: Fundamentals of Chirophonetics is a valuable resource book for therapists, teachers, and for anyone who wishes to understand the inherent forces of the sounds we use in speech.

Dr. Baur, a Speech Pathologist, became acquainted with the work of Rudolf Steiner in 1925. He and his wife, physician Dr. Ilse Baur, began to develop chirophonetic therapy in 1956 in response to the needs of a non-speaking child. Dr. Baur has worked in Linz, Austria in the field of education for special needs since 1953.