Healing Plants, by William Pelikan
$ 30.95

This translation by Anna Meuss presents a new botany of medicinal plants. Based on Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science it strives to reestablish a link that had fallen into oblivion for a long time and to make us aware again of the relationships between the human being and medicinal plants. It is not a book which tells us how to prepare and use different plants for therapy but instead first develops paths for us through which we can gain insights into the healing powers of plants. These insights are then based not only on ancient traditions or ethno-botanical discoveries but on enhanced capacities of perception which this book helps us to develop. Perceptions focus not merely on the morphology of plants in the Goethean sense, but in addition take full cognizance of phytochemistry. Through the many illustrations and woodcuts by the late Walther Roggenkamp, we can gain an image of what nature has withheld and words do not express; aspects of the plant's essence emerge, only hinted at in nature but made visible to the mind's eye through the artist's creations.