Healing Our Children, by Susan R. Johnson, M.D.
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A collection of articles by Dr. Johnson on education, health, nutrition and recipes and parenting. ‘My experiences have taught me that children with auditory processing problems need movement therapies that strengthen their Vestibular/balance system. Children who have difficulties with visual processing and visual memory that impact reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics, need movement therapies that strengthen proprioception or their sense of movement. There are also nutritional recommendations and modifications in the home and school environments that can decrease the overstimulation of the child's sympathetic nervous system and promote integration of their neural pathways.' Dr. Johnson is a Behavioral and Developmental pediatrician practicing in Colfax, California. She has worked at the Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Early Childhood Clinic of the University of California San Francisco, and for seven years as the Physician Director of the School Health Center of the San Francisco Unified School District. She is a trained practitioner of Anthroposophic Medicine.