Healing Madonnas by Christopher Bamford
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Healing Madonnas by Christopher Bamford

Topics covered include: the mystery of seeing; Beauty, Truth and Goodness; whether the images are sacred-religious or secular-spiritual; the centrality of devotion; Sophia, the divine feminine Wisdom; the once-and-future Holy Mother; Isis and Madonna; the origins of the Madonna sequence; the pentagram, the etheric body, and the organization of the sequence; working with the images; and Rudolf Steiner’s healing mission. Also included are sections on the Sistine Madonna and The Transfiguration.


Guiding Thoughts

  1. By Way of Introduction
  2. Approaching the Images, or the Mystery of Seeing
  3. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness
  4. Sacred-Religious or Secular-Spiritual
  5. Enter The Sistine Madonna
  6. Devotion and Reverence
  7. Sophia: Wisdom Becomes Love
  8. The Presence of the Holy Mother
  9. The Ancient Mysteries
  10. Isis and Madonna
  11. The Origins of the Madonna Sequence
  12. A Short Prehistory of the Pentagram
  13. The Images, Etheric Body, and Organization Underlying the Sequence

The Healing Madonna Images

  1. Sistine Madonna (full image)
  2. Beautiful Gardener
  3. Alba Madonna
  4. Alba Madonna (detail)
  5. Pazzi Madonna
  6. Madonna of the Goldfinch (detail)
  7. Bridgemwater Madonna
  8. Sistine Madonna (detail)
  9. Tempi Madonna