Haki the Shetland Pony, Kathleen Fidler
$ 9.95

Adam and his Shetland pony Haki have been inseparable. Haki is clever and brave, and Adam soon trains him to do things other Shetland ponies cannot—to act, to dance, and to follow the sound of Adam’s bagpipes. 

Adam, however, must move away from the island to find work, and selling Haki is the only way he can leave. Then the two perform at the Highland Show, and a ringmaster is so impressed by the talented pony that he lets Haki, and Adam join his traveling circus. 

Haki—along with Sondra the friendly elephant—becomes a star of the big tent, but some of the circus folk are jealous of their success. Can Adam protect his friend?

This classic children’s novel from much-loved author Kathleen Fidler takes the reader on an entertaining journey, from a small Scottish crofting community to the bright lights of the circus. Fidler’s authentic and charming depiction of life on Shetland remains an unrivaled portrait of Scotland’s islands.